Simplifying workplace health and safety

SolvSafety is a secure, online safety management system designed to help companies more effectively and efficiently capture, track, manage and report on their workplace incidents, hazards, audits, inspections and risks. The system delivers a simpler way to manage your safety information so you have less paper with improved efficiency, visibility and compliance.

Major Clients:

Access incident and hazard records in seconds

Easily store and access all safety related information via a centralized online platform.

"The process of recording and investigating hazards, incidents and injuries from one end of the country to the other, and the communication challenges involved in managing a large percentage of these from a central location has been improved exponentially by allowing all persons in our organisation to have the ability to report and add photos and documents directly into SolvSafety."

Work efficiently with automated features

Automatic alerts, pre-populated forms, and in-built workflows allow you to effectively and efficiently manage incidents and hazards.

"Our people have fallen in love with the system; it has reduced workload, improved efficiency and we are now able to present more meaningful information to management, which in turn is leading to quicker and better decisions."

Report incidents and hazards easily with a user-friendly interface

The modern interface is easy to use and navigate, leaving little room for error when reporting incidents and hazards.

"Our employees have told us that the system is extremely easy to use and in fact, our reporting of incidents has doubled due to this - a positive as we now know what is actually happening in our workplaces."

Never file again! Easily capture all information relating to an incident or hazard

Email all correspondence and attachments directly into an incident for automatic filing and efficienct recall.

"By using SolvSafety we have now removed the work-load of entering data into multiple locations. This has also given us the opportunity to assist sites in a more timely manner with corrective actions. We are able to identify hotspots quickly and raise awareness to findings."

Proactively monitor hazards and incidents with real-time reporting

A comprehensive suite of pre-formatted reports, ad-hoc reporting and analysis tools as well as the ability to custom build reports to suit your specific requirements.

"We have real time reporting and alerts sent to various departments which enables us to implement corrective actions immediately and we now have integrity with data reporting and the ability to generate month end group reports within two days compared to 7 days previously."

Our friends in the community

We are proud to support the Starlight Foundation in helping seriously ill kids and their families. For each sales mile-stone reached, we contribute to a child's wish and help them to enjoy something they love.

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Keeping it real... and safe!

Your data is our priority which is why we offer a highly secure system:

  • We use Amazon Web Services to host our servers
  • All data is hosted in Australia
  • We use SSL encryption, a physical firewall, a 2 tier DMZ hosting model, an intrusion detection system, port blocking, software patching and regular penetration testing


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We work hard to consistently deliver the BEST system and support to our wonderful clients, so we are thrilled when others recognize our efforts.



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Driving simple & effective safety management for some of Australia's smartest companies

SolvSafety - Simplify your world!

“The team at SolvSafety have been professional, responsive and very supportive during the development and implementation of the Group's incident reporting system. The advice and suggestions that have been provided along the way have certainly assisted us in developing a product that has readily gained acceptance across the Group and is already making a difference in the way we view and report on incident management.”


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